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DESIGNWISSENSCHAFT 1: Introduction to Design Science


The seminar will discuss the most relevant concepts of the term »industrial design« since modernity. Different paradigms have been influencing our thinking about design regarding research and practice. To understand the historical as well as contemporary ideas in design, we will read and discuss canonical texts. Furthermore, examples from the design discourse will function as illustrations and representations of these ideas. The seminar is divided into three categories:

1. Mass-production

The first part deals with a development of the general concept of design starting with design as a mixture of craft, art and industry at the beginning of modernism. Most ideas here relate to the structure of mass-production as origin of design as a new formal language. As a next step, a radical functionalism as well as systematic design methodology in late modernism will be discussed. Works and texts by: Claudia Mareis, Peter Behrens, Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg, Ray Eames, Charlotte Perriand, Tulga Beyerle (...).

2. Singularity

Opposed to functionalism, ideas of artistic freedom and Do-It-Yourself were acquired. Postmodernism drew attention to the singular unique design piece. Memphis and Alchimia acted similar to artists. Concept became more important than the the relation of form and function. A whole industry emerged that was centered around the figure of the designer. However, first steps towards participatory and open design were taken, too.

Works and texts by: Charles Jencks, Matylda Krzykowski, Kiki van Eijk, Bruno Munari, Adorno, Klaus Krippendorff (...).

3. Culture of digitality

Network and Openness as well as the design of interfaces form the core elements of contemporary design. We are neither designing mere industrial products nor can we focus on artsy singular pieces. Design within the culture of digitality is process-design as we are dealing with hybrid objects between digital and analogue. Works and texts by: Katharina Bredies, Bruno Latour, Albena Yaneva, Pinar&Viola, FRONT, Unfold, Felix Stalder, Ada Lovelace, dezeen (...).

Apart from the goal to develop knowledge about the historical ideas of »design« it is crucial to understand a method of reading, discussing and conceptualizing design starting with phenomena from the design discourse.




SoSe 18 – WiSe 19 / 20